High-quality whey protein

for Vitality - Fitness - Wellness


  All DIMO whey products are pure natural products!

  •  Whey protein is the highest quality protein because it corresponds to human blood protein and is therefore particularly well tolerated.
  •  DIMO products do not contain any additional sweeteners, artificial flavours or other artificial additives.
  •  Our prebiotic whey drinks are unique in Germany due to their exceptionally high proportion of the prebiotic fibre of the chicory root:   particularly low in calories AND rich in fibre. Promotes the intestinal flora in a natural way.
  •  All whey drinks are available in different, very aromatic-full-bodied flavours.
  •  Easy to use.
  •  Wellness from the inside and outside: with whey baths and face masks.


DIMO whey products deacidify, clean, detoxify,

promote physical fitness and holistic well-being.

And all this without any artificial additives or additional sweeteners!

                                                      Quality that simply convinces.