Prebiotic BIO Whey Drinks


Yes, we also produce our whey drinks in organic quality!
Our organic formula contains no added fibre and of course no additional sweeteners or artificial additives.
If it says organic on it, it really is organic.
To 100%.
What makes our prebiotic DIMO organic whey drinks so unique in Germany?
Our original DIMO formula contains a particularly high proportion of prebiotic dietary fibres of agaves (inulin): depending on the variety up to 12 gr. prebiot. Dietary fibre per 100 gr. whey drink powder!



 These PREbiotic dietary fibres of the agaves are more resistant to gastric acid and therefore reach the large intestine where their fermentation (decomposition) stimulates the growth of healthy bifidobacteria and reduces putrefactive bacteria. In contrast, probiotic dietary fibres only reach the small intestine and are not resistant to gastric acid. They do not have therefore the intended valuable effect for the intestine health. Pay attention therefore to the small however crucial difference to the different whey drink prescriptions of other manufacturers.

Our products are unrivalled in Germany!


Choose your preferred whey drink from 4 delicious varieties!
Available as powder - enjoy hot or cold!
in resealable stand-up pouch with 250 gr. each.
(other package sizes and varieties on request)