That's why DIMO whey!

Our high-quality whey products deacidify, clean, detoxify, make slim and beautiful, healthy and fit.
Even the Romans knew about the recovery power of whey and used it to promote digestion, for internal cleansing and detoxification, in metabolic disorders, pancreatic and skin diseases, and other diseases. In the meantime, this knowledge has been forgotten, but the reorientation towards natural products and a both joyful and health-oriented way of life has led to the fact that whey as a natural product is again appreciated and used as it deserves.

fields of application

DIMO whey products are particularly popular with:


  • Overweight
  • stomach, intestine, liver, kidney disease
  • acidosis
  • skin problems
  • gout
  • osteoporosis
  • cellulite
  • diabetes
  • for purification
  • during fasting cures

Our DIMO whey provides numerous important enzymes, minerals and vitamins (e.g. calcium, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, B-group vitamins).

The different protein qualities between milk and whey

Milk has a higher protein content than whey and contains mainly the hard to digest casein, which is not contained in whey. The high-quality protein contained in the whey corresponds to the human blood protein and is therefore significantly better digestible and also very low in calories (100 ml whey = 24 cal.).

What is better for a sporty fitness workout?

Plant protein drinks or the whey proteins of the DIMO drinks?

There is actually only one sentence to say: Whey has the high-quality protein, which corresponds exactly to the human blood protein.
One should take the whey before sport, because the consumed minerals and vitamins are then already during sport the musculature in a gentle way again supplied.
And very important: Dimo whey drinks, unlike most other protein drinks, do not contain any artificial additives or sweeteners! Always keep an eye on the ingredients of the various products, even if they are never complete because of legal prescription protection. Many ingredients still have to be declared. So you can check the quality of what you would like to consume for your health and fitness. Your body will thank you for it.

The fine but decisive difference between the PREbiotic and PRObiotic tables

The formula of our DIMO whey drinks contains inulin from the chicory root and therefore contains very valuable PREbiotic dietary fibres. These PREbiotic fibres are more resistant to gastric acid and therefore reach the large intestine where their fermentation (decomposition) stimulates the growth of healthy bifidobacteria and reduces putrefactive bacteria.
In contrast, probiotic dietary fibres only reach the small intestine and are not resistant to gastric acid. They do not have therefore the intended valuable effect for the intestine health.
Pay attention therefore to the small however crucial difference to the different whey drink prescriptions of other manufacturers!

What does inulin do in the digestive process?

Inulin is found naturally in onions, artichokes, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes or in chicory root.
As a soluble dietary fibre, inulin is fermented (converted) in the large intestine. This conversion takes place through the body's own health-promoting bifidobacteria, whose growth is thereby promoted. As a prebiotic food supplement, inulin offers a soluble dietary fibre that additionally strengthens the healthy intestinal flora to increase health and well-being. At the same time, the proportion of harmful bacteria is reduced.